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How Do You Determine Liability In A Truck Accident?

Most accidents involving private vehicles like cars or motorcycles have only two parties involved: the drivers. In these cases, determining liability is fairly simple. But if an accident involves an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicles, determining liability quickly becomes complicated.

Complex personal injury cases like these require the assistance of a skilled attorney. Downs Law Firm, based in Bastrop and Monroe, can help determine liability in Louisiana truck accidents. Once we have assessed which party is liable, we will fight tirelessly to help you recover compensation.

Which Parties Could Be Held Liable?

In a commercial truck accident, you and the truck driver are not the only parties involved. Several other parties’ negligence can cause truck crashes.

  • The owner or manufacturer of the truck may have used defective parts, assembled the truck shoddily, or failed to inspect and maintain the truck regularly.
  • Truck drivers sometimes drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or without enough sleep. Some drivers do not pay enough attention to other drivers or ignore the laws of traffic.
  • The trucking company may have pushed its drivers to drive without adequate rest periods. The company may not have provided enough training or may not have safely maintained the vehicles.
  • Commercial trucks usually carry cargo. If the cargo loader failed to inspect the cargo, did not load it properly or failed to secure it inside the truck and this contributed to the accident they may be held liable.

Figuring out which party has liability requires an attorney with years of experience in similar cases. Downs Law Firm has successfully determined liability and recovered compensation for hundreds of clients in Louisiana.

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