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Let Us Put Our Experience To Work On Your Behalf

Ross Downs and Downs Law Firm are passionate about getting justice for victims of injuries and accidents. We love to take on the big insurance companies and powerful corporations who think their size and power make them exempt from being brought to justice by those they’ve wronged. People like you and your family. Well, we’ve got some power too and this time it’s being put to work in your favor. We’d love to fight this battle on your behalf!

Our Goal Is Justice For Our Clients

We think of ourselves as more than a firm for serious accident and injury law. Our real mission is to be champions of those who have been wronged.

Our singular goal is to get justice on behalf of our clients. And in the American civil system, justice means money in the victim’s hand.

We Stand Up For Victims

Courtrooms can be intimidating to the average person, but not so with insurance company lawyers. To them, it’s just another day at the office, and the seemingly endless procedures, convoluted language and relentless technical maneuvers are just tools of the trade. They’d love the opportunity to use each one in order to deny giving the victim a single penny of their client’s money. The good ones are very good at it, indeed.

Fortunately, we aren’t intimidated by insurance company lawyers — even the best ones.

We Handle A Variety Of Cases

We have a lot of experience in serious accident and injury cases involving 18-wheeler/commercial fleet accidents, brain damage injuries, surgery-related cases, neck injuries and back injuries, among others. See our personal injury page to learn more.

Our Step-By-Step Process Takes The Stress Off Of You

Why not contact us today to discuss some basic details of your potential case? Of course, there is no obligation with this consultation. We serve northeast Louisiana and also have licenses to practice in Arkansas and Mississippi.