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Do You Believe These 4 Common Myths about Car Accident Claims?

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When people have experience in a particular subject, they often feel inclined to share their knowledge with those around them who might benefit. For example, if you were recently hurt in a car accident, you may have had friends, family members, or coworkers offer advice on dealing with the insurance company or holding the liable party accountable.
While they were likely well intentioned, every injury case is different, and just because a particular approach worked for them does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Part of the reason so many people have so much to say on car wrecks—and spread countless misconceptions in the process—is the fact that collisions are so common.

In 2017, for example, more than 47,000 crashes caused more than 76,000 injuries in the state of Louisiana alone. Although many of these accident victims sought legal counsel afterward, many others tried to navigate the claims process on their own and may have hurt their case because they believed various misconceptions.

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Let’s examine four common myths regarding car accident claims:

  1. If All Motorists Agree, You Do Not Have to Report the Accident

In the state of Louisiana, motorists must report all collisions that result in injury, death, or at least $500 in property damage. Even if the crash seemed minor, reporting it is not up to the drivers involved.

  1. The Police Will Determine Who Was at Fault

Responding officers may include certain details of the wreck in the official report, and they may even assign fault to one or more parties; however, determining liability is ultimately up to the insurance adjuster or judge overseeing the case. Thus, in order to file a successful claim, accident victims must gather evidence of fault beyond the standard police report. 

  1. The Insurance Adjuster Will Ensure You Are Fairly Compensated 

At the end of the day, insurance companies and claimants have opposing goals. Even if the insurance adjuster comes off as kind, caring, and compassionate, he or she does not have your best interests at heart.

  1. You Do Not Need to See a Doctor If You Feel Fine

Some accident injuries can take hours or even days to manifest symptoms, but if victims fail to seek medical care in a timely fashion, it could jeopardize their ability to secure compensation for all the damages. For example, as PennyGeeks explains, the opposing party might argue that they contributed to the severity of their own injuries by not visiting a doctor immediately, even if they felt fine initially.

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, a Bastrop personal injury lawyer will not let you fall victim to some of the most common misconceptions during the claims process. Contact The Downs Law Firm today to start building your case.

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