How to Avoid a Head-on Collision

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When two vehicles that are traveling toward each other collide, the force of impact is much greater than if one vehicle strikes a stationary object like a guardrail or fence. This is why head-on collisions are so devastating.

Accident victims who are fortunate enough to survive a wrong-way crash are likely to sustain debilitating injuries. If you were hurt in a head-on collision with a drunk, distracted, or reckless driver, you may be entitled to compensation for any damages you incurred.

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How to Avoid a Head-on Collision

Although most wrong-way crashes undoubtedly come out of nowhere, attentive motorists may be able to take evasive action in certain scenarios to avoid such an accident. Read on to learn how:

  1. Remain Sober and Alert

Motorists who are drunk or drowsy are far more likely to drift out of their lane and into oncoming traffic than those who are entirely sober and alert. The American Association of Retired Persons reminds drivers of all ages to avoid getting behind the wheel while impaired or fatigued. Otherwise, the risk of causing a wrong-way crash is incredibly high.

  1. Avoid Speeding

The faster you are traveling, the less time you have to respond to any hazards that might arise. This includes motorists who are heading straight toward you.

Always travel at a speed that is safe for the conditions. Remember: If the roads are slick or visibility is low because of poor weather, you will probably have to travel slower than the posted speed limit.

  1. Prepare to Take Evasive Action

You may not be able to take any kind of evasive action when driving over a bridge or past a row of houses, but whenever there is a shoulder to your right, always be prepared to use it. Stay toward the right of the lane so you can swerve off the road if you must, and keep an eye out for vehicles up ahead that are swerving or traveling in the wrong direction entirely.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

None of the above tips will be of any use if you are looking at your phone when a hazard arises. Avoid texting while driving, and try to eliminate as many other driving distractions as possible. For example, if there are kids in the car, remind them at the start of the trip that you need to focus on the road. Likewise, if there is a built-in navigation system, set the route before you leave so you will not have to adjust it along the way.

Sadly, you can follow all of the above tips and still find yourself in a devastating collision. If you were hurt in a wrong-way crash with a reckless driver, contact The Downs Law Firm today. Ross Downs has been practicing law for more than two decades.

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