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What Kinds of Evidence Will Support Your Car Accident Claim?

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The costs associated with recovering from car crash injuries can be devastating. Not only are they entirely unanticipated, but they can quickly amount to tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills alone.

Fortunately, accident victims do not have to shoulder the burden of covering medical expenses and lost wages alone. By filing a successful personal injury claim, they may be able to hold the liable party financially accountable for their damages.

To recover a sizable settlement, though, claimants must first build a strong case. This includes documenting the scene, interviewing witnesses, tracking injuries, collecting medical records, and calculating damages.

Of course, gathering evidence like photographs, witness testimony, and official reports is a lot of work, especially for someone who is recovering from serious injuries. By turning to a seasoned injury lawyer, accident victims can focus on their health while a qualified professional handles the logistics of their claim.

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, a Monroe personal injury attorney can gather evidence of the other party’s liability on your behalf. Turn to The Downs Law Firm to discuss the incident with an experienced lawyer and determine the most strategic way to proceed.

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Read on to learn about the kinds of evidence that will support your car crash claim:

  1. Footage from the Scene

Photographs, dash cam recordings, and footage from any nearby surveillance cameras can help piece together what happened just before, during, and after the accident. PennyGeeks advises drivers to enable their camera’s timestamp function and take shots from multiple angles that show property damage, injuries, the positions of vehicles, traffic signs, and skid marks. Even if you were unable to walk around and photograph the scene after the incident, your injury attorney will pursue any leads regarding dash cam and surveillance footage so you have the strongest claim possible. 

  1. Official Crash Report

Officers who respond to the scene will file an official police report. Most insurance providers require a copy of this document to accompany the claim. Fortunately, the state of Louisiana makes it easy to access such reports online.

  1. Medical Records 

At the end of the day, your medical records can make or break a case. The date and description of any injuries will prove that they were the result of the collision in question, and the details regarding their extent will help you calculate a fair settlement amount.

  1. Witness Testimony

If those who witnessed the crash are able to stay on the scene until police arrive, you can expect officers to include their testimony in the official report. Otherwise, your personal injury attorney will reach out to them and ask for their statements when building your claim.

If you sustained injuries in an accident with a reckless driver and need help gathering evidence to build your case, contact The Downs Law Firm today. Ross Downs is a member of the Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association, as well as the Louisiana State and American Bar Associations.

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