How to Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents on St. Patrick’s Day

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you’re a fan of limited-release craft brews or prefer more popular domestic beers, you’re probably planning on enjoying a few cold ones this St. Patrick’s Day. According to ABC7, more than 50 percent of Americans planned on celebrating the holiday last year, placing it fourth on the list of the biggest drinking days of 2017.

Pretty female with pigtails and hat drinking a tall glass of green beer on St. Patricks Day.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year, a lot of people will undoubtedly start drinking earlier than usual, which means they will probably end up consuming more alcohol over the course of the day. Unfortunately, that also means more impaired motorists are likely to hit the roads.

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Read on to learn a few ways you can avoid getting into a drunk driving crash on St. Patrick’s Day:

  1. Be Part of the Solution

You may not have any control over other motorists, but you can avoid being part of the problem by planning ahead on St. Patrick’s Day. Arrange for a car service to transport you and your friends to and from each bar or party, and ask everyone to chip in to cover the costs. The more people you go out with, the more affordable the entire evening will be.

  1. Host a Party at Home

The only guaranteed way to avoid a drunk driving collision is to stay off the roads entirely. If you have the space, why not host a party at home?

Invite those whom you were going to celebrate with anyway, and serve up a mouthwatering meal of corned beef and cabbage to get everyone in the spirit. Just make sure to offer sleeping arrangements for those who plan on drinking.

  1. Head Home Before Last Call

If you’re determined not to miss the festivities at your favorite watering hole, go out fairly early in the evening so you can make it home before drunk drivers are more likely to be on the roads. For example, traveling shortly after last call is especially dangerous because some patrons go straight from the bar to their car.

  1. Slow Down

It is wise to exercise additional caution when driving on a day like St. Patrick’s Day. Traveling at a lower speed will give you more time to respond to any hazards that arise. You should also eliminate distractions and leave plenty of following distance so you can make an evasive maneuver quickly if necessary.

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