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12-Year-Old Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries After Being Hit by Motorist in Shreveport

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Serious Injuries

With only a few weeks left in summer break, kids are still out and about looking for things to do to occupy their time. While some are spending their time indoors, others are outside engaging in recreational activities such as bike riding. But, with accidents on the rise and distracted drivers out everywhere, it is important that your child is alert and attentive when they are riding to avoid engaging in an accident that could leave them suffering an injury.

Unfortunately, a 12-year-old was recently involved in an accident in Shreveport while riding his bike which led to him being transported to the hospital with life-threating injuries. Shreveport Police responded to a call around 8:30 p.m. at the 2500 block of Devaughn involving a driver and a bicyclist. Apparently, the driver of a Kia Rio was heading east on Woodford Street when he struck the 12-year-old who was traveling south on Portland Avenue.

Investigators believe that the boy neglected to stop at the stop sign and rode right into the driver’s path, according to the Shreveport Times. He was also not wearing a helmet nor was his bike equipped with lights. The boy had to be transported to University Health Hospital by the Shreveport Fire Department and was said to be suffering from life-threatening injuries. While investigators did not announce the exact cause of the accident, they don’t believe the driver was impaired.

Because we can expect more children to be spending time outdoors both during the day and at night while school is out, Shreveport Police encourage you to consider these tips if you know your child is going to be riding his/her bike.

  1. Ensure your child has a DOT approved safety helmet and that they are wearing it when they ride. Although most kids aren’t exactly excited to wear a helmet, it can save a life if a child falls from their bike or is hit by a car.
  2. If your child rides in low light conditions, be sure their bike is equipped with front and rear lights as well as reflectors.
  3. Remind your children to always wear brightly-colored reflective clothing whenever they ride their bike.
  4. Teach your children to “monitor and obey traffic signals such as stop signs and red lights.” The fact is, some kids live in high traffic neighborhoods and because they don’t drive, they often forget to consider stop signs and red lights. Some other rules of the road kids and teens need to follow include:
  • Ride on the right side of the road with traffic.
  • Use correct hand signals when turning or stopping.
  • Stop at intersections and crosswalks.
  • Stop and look both ways before entering a street.
  • Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, scooters, and even skateboarders when appropriate.

[Source: New York State Department of Health].

Now, if your child was recently involved in an accident, whether it was while they were out riding their bike or even walking, we encourage you to consult with one of our Shreveport, LA accident lawyers at your earliest convenience. In certain instances, your child may be eligible to receive compensation that can cover medical expenses and even for their pain and suffering. But, in order for our firm to determine this, we must first review the details of the incident.

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