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Mother and Daughter Killed in Accident with Pickup Truck in Louisiana

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fatal accidents are happening all around us and if we aren’t cautious as drivers, we might find ourselves facing the aftermath of a crash when we least expect it. This past Friday, KALB reported that a mother and daughter were killed in an accident involving a pickup truck. The news source said that 43-year-old Brandi Landwehr and her daughter, 16-year-old Hannah Landwehr, were heading south on Louisiana 1085 moments before the crash. Hannah Landwehr was driving, and her mother was sitting beside her in the passenger seat.

As the teen approached a stop sign, while she did stop, she went on to make a left turn onto the highway “without yielding to oncoming traffic.” That is when a pickup truck being driven by Aaron Coyne “struck the driver’s side door and pushed Landwehr’s car across the eastbound lane and shoulder before coming to rest in a ditch.” The truck then sideswiped another vehicle but thankfully, Coyne and the other driver were not injured.

While those two managed to survive the crash, Brandi Landwehr died at the scene of the accident and her daughter was transported to North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond. The news source stated that she died later at the hospital.

Teen Accidents Are Among Some of the Most Common Types on Our Roadways Today

While it is clear that teens need time to practice driving to help improve their abilities and increase their experience, they still need to be aware of basic roadway rules to avoid an accident. The truth is, teens are among the most vulnerable drivers on the roadway. In 2015, which is the most recent year data was available, 2,333 teens in the U.S. between the ages of 16-19 were killed in motor vehicle accidents. Another 235,845 were treated in emergency departments for the injuries they had sustained in an auto accident.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the teens that are at an especially high risk for motor vehicle crashes are:

  1. Male drivers between the ages of 16-19. In 2016, the motor vehicle death rate for male drivers and passengers in that age group were “two times that of their female counterparts.”
  2. Teens driving with passengers. When a teen driver has a teen passenger present, they increase the chances of an accident occurring. And the more passengers a teen permits to ride with them, the higher the risk goes.
  3. Teens who are newly licensed. The CDC says that the “crash risk is particularly high during the first months of licensure.” That is because these teens are just experiencing driving for the first time and often aren’t familiar with roadway rules or how to drive around other motorists.

While many of us drive carefully and continuously remind teens to drive with caution, we can’t prevent all accidents from occurring. Therefore, if you or your teen were injured in a wreck in Alexandria or Shreveport and you are wanting to know how a car accident lawyer may be able to help you, contact The Downs Law Firm. The fact is, an Alexandria, LA car wreck attorney can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation your accident permits you to collect to help make the recovery process a little easier to get through. To find out more about how we can help you, contact our firm by calling 318-284-8551.

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