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Alexandria Police Officer Engages in Motorcycle Accident and Lives to Talk About It

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

We often read about and even witness car accidents occurring in Louisiana, yet we never know the true extent of the damage unless we are the ones that are affected by it in some way. We may see a crushed vehicle or another that is badly damaged, but unless we know the person involved or are the ones that engaged in the wreck ourselves, we don’t know the physical and/or psychological suffering a person goes through after being involved in a wreck. And while most individuals sympathize with those who were victimized by the car crash, many drivers today continue to engage in reckless behavior that contributes to causing more to occur.

That it is why it is important that you take the time to read up on some accident statistics and even the stories of those whose lives were implicated by an accident. It not only helps shed light on what the true repercussions are for driving carelessly, but may even help encourage motorists to start implementing some safety practices into their own driving that, in turn, will make the roadways a safer place for everyone. With that said, below are some details from a crash that recently occurred in Louisiana involving a motorcycle officer and what he had to say following the incident.

Back in August, Alexandria Police Department Cpl. Josh Daigre, who is a part of APD’s motorcycle patrol, was out on the roadway heading west on Coliseum Boulevard following up on a hit and run investigation [Source: News 4 Tucson]. On his way to his call, he was cut off by a minivan and his bike t-boned the van. He told the news source that he “ran right into the front left tire of the vehicle, flew over the handlebars of the motorcycle, and hit the hood of the minivan.” He landed on the hard pavement and “bounced a few times.” Thankfully, Daigre survived the incident and did not sustain any serious injuries, but it could have been much worse.

The source highlighted that the driver of the minivan was cited for failure to yield after a stop. Daigle, who was well enough to share his thoughts after having been involved in the accident, said that he has close calls nearly every day, most of them involving distracted drivers. He explained that there are “people doing their makeup [and] digging in consoles.” He went on to say that “it can be something as simple as checking the back seat for children. It happens to all of us. Some of it is understandable, some of it can be avoidable.”

News 4 Tucson shared footage from the officer’s body cam which showed the actual accident and watching it play out before your eyes is frightening. Now, while Daigre works to recover from the wreck, he hopes that the video “serves as a reminder of the message he’s trying to get across every day.” He stated that “we want to try to help show people that these are the things that can happen.”

Now, because our office understands how devastating a car accident or even a motorcycle crash can be, we want to also share some tips on how you can avoid distracted driving yourself. The AAA Exchange provides some helpful tips for both you and your family and we encourage you to take them into consideration the next you go out for a drive. And if you happen to be the unfortunate victim of a car wreck yourself and are in need of legal assistance, contact Alexandria, LA car accident attorney Ross Downs. Our office can help you determine what your case might be worth or how you can file a claim against the negligent party who caused the accident.

At The Downs Law Firm, we understand the adverse effects a car accident can have and while we can’t take away the pain you experienced or the suffering you have had to endure, we can help you seek justice for the careless behavior that was displayed by the driver who caused your incident to transpire.

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