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5 Driving Tips All Motorists Should Implement When Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you drive on the highway, on a city street, or through a town, you are likely to encounter a large truck that is hauling heavy cargo or thousands of pounds of liquids. While most drivers find themselves getting nervous when they get too close to these vehicles, the reality is, there is no need to get nervous, just a need to be cautious. You see, there are certain things motorists can be doing that will not only help to keep them safe but also reduce the chances of engaging in a wreck with one of these large trucks.

What to know what these tips are so that you can implement them and even share them with friends and family? If so, read on below as we outline the five things Property Casualty 360 says all motorists should be doing when they find themselves driving next to a semi or other type of large truck.

  1. Stay out of the truck driver’s “No Zones.” If you’re wondering what No-Zones are, they are the truck driver’s blind spots. Just like you, truck drivers have serious blind spots that make it nearly impossible to see other vehicles. They are on the sides of the truck just behind the cab, and directly in the front and back of the truck. That means no lingering on the side of a truck or riding too closely in front of or behind it.
  1. Pass with caution. If you need to get in front of a truck to pass them, do so carefully. Be sure you give them ample room as they do have much shorter stopping times than you. In the event a trucker is attempting to pass in front of you, remember to be courteous to them. Again, they do have blind spots which means they will have a much harder time seeing you so don’t put yourself at risk of colliding into them by attempting to prevent them from passing you.
  1. Never cut it close. If you want to get in front of a truck and remain in their lane, don’t cut directly in front of them. Give them the room that they need so that they aren’t forced to hit their brakes and potentially cause the vehicle behind them to rear-end their truck.
  1. Keep a safe following distance behind the truck. Never do you want to tailgate a truck driver as the area right behind their truck is one of those no-zones you want to avoid. Property Casualty 360 also says that “because truckers are so high off the ground, if you fail to stop in time [because traffic up ahead has slowed], your vehicle could slide under the truck, [which could lead to] devastating results.”
  1. Remember that trucks make wide turns. If you’ve ever driven beside a large truck that had to make a turn, you probably noticed that once they were in the process of completing their turn, they need additional space, sometimes space from your lane. This means you shouldn’t attempt to pass the truck while they are turning, rather, let them make their turn and then proceed on.

By gaining a better understanding of what truckers need from you to prevent from engaging in a wreck, you can now implement these five tips which will contribute to making the roadway safer for yourself and everyone traveling around you.

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