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Man arrested for vehicular homicide

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Louisiana law enforcement officials arrived on the scene of a car crash in Jefferson Parish. The accident resulted in the death of one driver and the arrest of another motorist. Authorities suspect that drugs may have played a role in the fatality.

 Channel 4 WWL CBS reports that law enforcement officials in Jefferson Parrish founda deceased motorist on LA 428 near Peters Road early Saturday morning. There are no details given about the individual who died in the collision. The driver reportedly sustained serious injuries that resulted in death. The driver who caused the accident is a 32-year-old male. Law enforcement authorities arrested the young man. They charged him with possession of cocaine, vehicular homicide and negligent injury. Authorities suspect the young male had impaired judgement due to driving under the influence.

 The initial report Lousiana law enforcement authorities received sheds light on how the fatal traffic collision took place. The report states the deceased driver was traveling eastbound in the left lane along LA 428. The 32-year-old male drove in the right lane alongside the other driver. The young male swerved veering into the left and then back into is lane. As a result, the other driver got forced off the road and collided with a pole.

There are motorists who drive reckless on the road. Whether this happens because they are driving under the influence of drugs or some other reason, they place the lives of other drivers at risk. Victims harmed in traffic collisions may find it useful to speak with an attorney who has expertise in handling motor vehicle accident cases.