3 tips for driving safely with diabetes

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Diabetes is a disease that can affect the whole body. If people do not properly control their diabetes, they could end up very sick. Not only can this affect them but also it could affect others. Diabetes-related car accidents happen all the time. So, it is essential that people with diabetes work with their Louisiana doctor to manage the condition.

WebMD explains there a couple of ways that diabetes can interfere with driving abilities and make it risky to drive. Secondary health issues can lead to physical issues that reduce driving abilities. For example, nerve damage in the legs could make it difficult for the driver to properly press the brake or gas pedal. There is also the chance that blood sugar could go low and cause mental fog or other concentration and consciousness issues. Because of the risks, here are three things to keep in mind about diabetes and driving.

  1. Pull over

A driver who begins to feel symptoms of a blood sugar high or low should get off the road, check blood sugar levels and call for help if necessary. It is better to stop and check things out than continue on and lose consciousness or otherwise be unable to drive safely.

  1. Stock snacks

Drivers with diabetes should always have some type of snack handy in their vehicle. Being able to quickly grab something can keep blood sugar fluctuations under control. These should be snacks that will not spoil, such as a granola bar or a can of soda.

  1. Check before driving

People with diabetes should make it a habit to check their blood sugar before they get behind the wheel. This will show if they are at risk of a high or low. It should be at least 80 mg/dL. If it is not, a driver should take steps to raise or lower it as needed before starting to drive. A few minutes of preparation could make all the difference in preventing an accident.