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How risk-free is hands-free?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In today’s world of constant communication and social media updates, you may have succumbed to your “need” to text or talk on your cellphone while driving. Even though Louisiana bans all cellphone usage while driving, you may have thought you were safe doing it because you have hands-free technology in your vehicle. 

Unfortunately for you, your passengers and everyone else on the road around you, you thought wrong. The National Safety Council warns that any type of cellphone usage, even hands-free, while behind the wheel represents a serious and dangerous form of distracted driving. 

Three kinds of distraction 

Distracted driving takes the following three forms: 

  1. Visual 
  2. Physical 
  3. Cognitive 


When you talk or text on your cellphone hands-free while driving, you fall victim to all three types of distraction. You take your eyes off the road to see what you are doing, even though you are doing it hands-free. In addition, studies show that talking or texting hands-free reduces your brain’s ability to process everything that moves around you by approximately 33%. As for its ability to process all the stationary objects around you, that decreases by about 50%. 

You also unconsciously take your hands off the steering wheel to help you “talk” to the other person, even though you are doing it hands-free. Finally, you take your mind off your driving to concentrate on your call or text. 

All in all, hands-free does not equate to risk-free. Your best interests dictate that you never talk or text on your cellphone while behind the wheel. Not only will this prevent your getting a ticket, it may well save your life.