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The best ways to prevent truck accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial truck accidents happen every day on U.S. roads, and many result in injuries and fatalities. One significant cause of truck accidents is due to overworked and tired truck drivers. Under these conditions, drivers often show poor judgment on the roads. 

What solutions will produce better results and fewer accidents for truck drivers? 

Prevention tips 

Theoretically, most accidents fall under the category of preventable. The website Smart Trucking offers a number of tips to help truck drivers avoid preventable accidents. Many of these tips are simple common sense, such as encouraging drivers to slow down and to be thorough and vigilant when behind the wheel. Several of the tips stress the importance of planning ahead, knowing the route, and even calling ahead to confirm directions to a new location. 

When in doubt, drivers should get out of the cab and look over an area they must back into. Finally, a driver should not turn into a lane on the advice of a spotter without verifying that the coast is clear. 

Technology upgrades 

Improved technology also plays a role in truck safety. Work Truck Magazine reports that in-vehicle safety technology seeks to limit commercial truck accidents. These enhancements include the following measures: 

  • Backup cameras 
  • Lane departure warnings 
  • Blind zone alerts 
  • Pedestrian avoidance signals 
  • Traction control brakes 

A technology called the complete telematics solution shows promise in reducing accidents. The technology puts managers virtually inside the truck with drivers, allowing them to monitor driver performance in such behaviors as harsh braking, speeding and rapid acceleration. The more commercial fleets that utilize smart technology the greater promise for reducing accidents on the roadways.