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What is a tow truck scam?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After an accident, you are likely shaken up and trying to handle what has happened. If your vehicle is not running, you may need to get a tow truck to haul it away. Due to your distraction, you may be unaware that the tow truck you called is about to lead to a scam.

According to Forbes, tow truck scams happen all across the United States, and they happen right under your nose without warning.

Reputable company

You may think that choosing a tow truck from a reputable company or one associated with a local business will protect you from a scam, but that is no guarantee. You could become a victim of a scam no matter which trucking company you use.

To avoid issues, make sure you know who called the tow truck. If it just shows up on the scene, then the chances are higher for a scam. Also, verify that the truck is really from the company you called by looking at signage on the truck and paperwork.

The details

The most common scam is that the tow truck driver has you sign a document that you think is authorizing the tow. In reality, this document is blank, and the driver will add on various services and other costs that do not even relate to what you received from the company.

You should always read anything you sign. Also, do not give the tow truck driver any information other than the basic information needed. Before paying the bill, ask for an itemized list of services and charges.