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Safety around semitrucks can save lives

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semitrucks are large and heavy vehicles that can cause serious injuries to passengers of smaller vehicles in a crash. All drivers must ensure that they’re operating their vehicles safely, especially when they’re around big rigs. The truckers must also take steps to keep others around them safe.

One thing that’s a huge hazard with these large vehicles is the “no zone” that’s located all around the truck. Drivers who are in this area run the risk of causing a crash if the trucker slams in to them. There’s also the chance that the trucker won’t see these vehicles in time to take evasive action.

Another specific situation that requires careful attention is stopping. No vehicles should ever cut off a semitruck and slow down. Big rigs take considerably more distance than other vehicles to come to a complete stop even if they’re on dry pavement. The distance is even longer on wet pavement.

All drivers should pay close attention to the flow of traffic around them. Any driver who sees a semitruck with the hazard lights on should realize that the trucker is alerting them to either a slow speed or another hazard with the truck. Of course, there are times when a trucker might fail to use this method to alert other drivers, which can lead to crashes.

If you’re injured in a semitruck crash, be sure to seek medical care to address your injuries. From there, you can determine what options you have for seeking compensation. Remember, Louisiana law sets specific time limits for these cases, so ensure that you don’t allow the statute of limitations to expire. Your attorney can help you seek damages, such as payment for medical bills and lost wages, from the liable parties.