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Post-crash concussions can look different in children than adults

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you and your children have been involved in a car crash, it’s wise to get everyone checked out by a doctor as soon as possible – even if your injuries seem minor. One common injury that isn’t always obvious at first but can be extremely serious if not treated is a concussion.

If both an adult and a child suffer concussions in a crash, it’s because essentially the same thing happened inside their heads. The brain struck one side of the skull and then the opposite side. If the impact caused the head to rotate, there might be additional damage inside the brain. However, they can suffer very different symptoms.

Physical versus behavioral issues

Both children and adults can have cognitive and emotional issues as well as fatigue or drowsiness as the result of a concussion. However, adults who have suffered a concussion are more likely to have headaches and issues with balance, while children are more likely to have behavioral symptoms like irritability and insomnia.

It’s important for parents to recognize the fact that even if they aren’t experiencing a headache or other pain, their child may have suffered a concussion in a crash. A concussion can result from being suddenly shaken back and forth in their seat even if they didn’t strike their head on anything.

Differences in memory loss

Because children’s brains are still developing, they are also more likely to suffer memory loss and to have it for a longer period than adults. They may not remember anything that happened after the crash for some time, even if they otherwise appear to be fine.

If someone else caused the crash, don’t accept any kind of settlement until you’re certain that you know the full extent of everyone’s injuries and the expenses associated with them. An experienced attorney can help you ensure that you get the compensation you need and deserve.