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How expensive is quadriplegia?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Serious Injuries

Different medical conditions have different financial implications. People will incur direct expenses through treatment costs and the need for assistive technology or medication. They will also wrack up indirect costs in the form of lost wages and difficulty contributing to their household’s unpaid labor needs. 

Quadriplegia or tetraplegia is among the most debilitating medical conditions a person can suffer. It involves a spinal cord injury to the cervical spine. Since it occurs so high on the body, quadriplegia often means a total loss of motor function and sensation for the victim. 

How much will cervical spinal cord injury end up costing you?

Spinal cord injuries typically have a six-figure price tag, if not more. They often require trauma care, surgery, assistive technology and physical therapy. The total cost will depend on the location of the injury and whether it is complete or incomplete.  

For injuries affecting C1-C4 vertebrae, the first-year costs can average $1,064,716, while the ongoing expenses will average nearly $185,000 per year. Lower-level tetraplegia, which affects the C5-C8 vertebra, will cost $769,351 in the first year and more than $113,000 each year thereafter. 

Is there any way to obtain coverage for these costs?

Between medical support requirements and reduced earning potential, quadriplegia can easily consume a lifetime of savings. 

Clearly, most car insurance policies will often fall far short of covering these amounts. Those who suffer serious spinal cord injuries because of the car crash may need to look into other forms of compensation. Understanding what a spinal injury will cost you can help you respond to it in a way that best protects you and your financial future.