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3 possible physical consequences of a serious brain injury

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Serious Injuries

Brain injuries can cause a surprising array of symptoms. Most people expect cognitive symptoms and memory issues. Fewer people realize that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could also have a negative impact on someone’s physical capabilities.

After all, the brain doesn’t just control thoughts. It also controls motor function. What are some of the possible physical symptoms of a TBI?

Issues with equilibrium

Your sense of balance comes from your inner ear and also from your brain processing data. A head injury could potentially have an impact on your sense of balance. Some people may be able to overcome these symptoms with physical therapy or medication. Others will have to adjust their lifestyle to reflect their greater chances of falling.

Issues with physical strength and dexterity

Given that your brain controls motor function, it’s not surprising that a brain injury might affect everything from your grip strength to your fine motor skills. Some people find that they aren’t as strong as they were before their TBI. Others notice reduced endurance. Some people even report difficulty with maintaining the same kind of posture or walking gait they had before their injury.

Issues with the senses

Nothing illuminates the connection between the brain in the physical body like the senses do. Your eyes gather visual information, and your brain makes sense of that data. People can often experience sensory symptoms after a brain injury, ranging from ringing in their ears and olfactory hallucinations to blurry vision.

Knowing the possible physical symptoms of a brain injury can help you get treatment earlier and also address the possible impact of the injury on your life.