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A traumatic brain injury can affect your social life

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Serious Injuries

The thing with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) is that they are unpredictable. Even if you make a full recovery from any physical injuries you suffer, your brain injury might never heal fully.

Depending on the affected region, trauma to the brain can affect several aspects of your life, from your mental health and career to your relationships with family and friends. Below are some of the ways your social life may be affected.

You may experience speech difficulties

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for language and speech. If it is damaged, you may have trouble communicating effectively. Your speech may be slurred, or your words may be jumbled up. It can be frustrating since everything may sound normal to you, yet you may be incomprehensible to others.

Additionally, unlike before, you might find it hard to follow conversations or read non-verbal cues, making communication difficult.

Brain injury can lead to mental disorders

Studies have shown that victims of brain injuries are at higher risk of developing mental disorders later on in life. Some of the mental issues you may be predisposed to include personality changes, depression, or even the development of aggressive behavior.

It may be hard to maintain social ties

Life after a brain injury may be a time for self-discovery as you adapt to a new lease of life, and you may find yourself alone for most of the time. It may be hard to connect with your former friends who do not understand your current situation or why you have changed.

In the end, the quality of your life will likely go down following a brain injury. Besides the economic costs of treatment or rehabilitation, the adverse effects of a TBI on your social life are some of the non-economic damages which should be included in your compensation package. It might not reverse anything, but it is what you deserve and have a right to.