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Why trailer trucks are so dangerous to other drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may be driving home one day when a trailer truck pulls alongside you. You may have noticed it swerving between lanes or trying to merge lanes with you in it causing you to suddenly brake. This puts you in danger of skidding or being rear-ended. 

Truck drivers put the people around them in danger like this all too often. Their reckless driving may be the result of driving long distances over several hours. Truck drivers may even face serious health and mental issues that raise their chances of creating accidents. 

You should know that mental and physical health aren’t the only causes of a trucker’s poor driving:

Trailer trucks lack maintenance

Trailer trucks see up to thousands of miles during their use. Most truckers do not have a chance to service their truck after they exceed their mileage. This can put their truck in jeopardy of falling apart on the job.

One of the most important parts of a truck is its brakes. If a trucker fails to replace their brakes in a timely manner they may cause several hundreds of thousand pounds to go rolling into the cars ahead. An accident of this degree could cause severe injuries. 

New truckers lack training

A recent push has made it so that truckers are now eligible to drive at 18 years of age. This means these drivers are on the road with nearly no experience driving. 

These new drivers put the people around them in danger without proper training. They could likely crash their truck if they suddenly fail to check their mirror or stop too late.

Trucking accidents happen all the time. If you suddenly find yourself injured because of a trailer truck then you may need experienced help to recover your losses.