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What kind of recovery is possible after a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Serious Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the most feared traumatic injuries that people suffer. The average person struggles with the idea of losing physical sensation and motor control, which occurs even in incomplete spinal cord injuries.

If you recently suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury, the doctor may have told you that your condition could improve with time and treatment. What kind of recovery is theoretically possible for those adjusting to life with an incomplete spinal cord injury?

Symptoms may subside as your body heals

The difference between an incomplete and a complete spinal cord injury is that an incomplete injury means there is still a connection between the lower and upper part of the spinal cord. Given the right time and support in the form of physical therapy, people with incomplete spinal cord injuries may regain lost function. They may also notice an increase in sensory input as they heal.

Even if they do not recover much physical sensation, training with the help of professional therapists could help them improve their gait and sense of balance, allowing them to recover lost functions. Such treatment is often quite expensive, which means they will need to look into an insurance claim and possibly a personal injury lawsuit if they believe that misconduct or negligence led to the injury.

People hurt at work, those who fall in public and those whose injury stems from a car crash may all have options for insurance claims or civil lawsuits. Only a review of the situation that led to someone’s injury can determine the best options in their case. Getting appropriate compensation for a spinal cord injury can help you connect with the treatments that will improve your quality of life and your future opportunities.