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Car accident claims: How much compensation can you claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A car accident caused by a negligent driver can leave you nursing extensive injuries, affecting various aspects of your life. It can be impossible to attend to your daily duties, such as your job or parental responsibilities, on top of the pain and suffering you may have to endure.

While you are probably aware that you are entitled to compensation after a crash, establishing the value of your claim can be somewhat confusing. Yet, it is a crucial part of the claims process as it places a monetary value on the settlement due.

Assessing damages after an accident

The value of your claim hinges on the harm or losses caused by the crash. Therefore, you need a clear picture of the damages you can claim. Some of the recoverable damages are:

  • Hospital bills and other treatment costs 
  • Expenses related to post-treatment care or rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and earning capacity 

Other damages do not result in financial losses but are compensable. Such damages include the loss of consortium, lower quality of life and emotional or physical suffering due to your injuries.

Ultimately, every car accident is different, and the value of these claims varies. You can only ascertain how much you deserve after an informed assessment of the damages suffered from the crash.

Do not accept lowball offers

Once you know your claim’s worth, do not accept settlement offers that do not measure up to what you deserve. Agreeing to a low settlement offer or quickly settling your claim can leave you handling the financial burden of your damages alone.

Most importantly, it is crucial to understand your legal options when pursuing compensation following a car accident. That way, you can take the necessary action if settlement negotiations with the insurer do not bear fruit.