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What do you need when a crash hurts your neck or back?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Serious Injuries

The list of potential injuries after a motor vehicle collision is all but endless. You could break a toe or a leg. You could suffer a brain injury or damage your spinal cord. Your neck and back are vulnerable both due to abrupt emotions and blunt force trauma.

Some people will suffer broken bones in their neck or back, while others may have soft tissue  injuries. Any injury to the spinal column will potentially result in major medical issues for the person hurt in the crash. What will you require after a motor vehicle collision leaves you with a back or neck injury?

Prompt diagnosis

Left untreated, your back or neck injury could end up worsened by your daily living activities. You need to understand your condition if you are to prevent it from getting worse and facilitate your own healing. Seeing medical professionals for evaluation following a wreck will be key to securing a positive long-term prognosis.

Ongoing chiropractic or orthopedic care

Diagnosis is only the first step on your medical journey. You will require physical care to recover from your condition. You may require regular orthopedic care, possibly including surgery, to minimize your symptoms.

You may also require chiropractic care to alleviate lingering pain symptoms. Some people require physical therapy or occupational therapy to teach them new ways of performing daily tasks or job functions so that they don’t worsen their injuries at work. Massage and myofascial release therapy also help resolve symptoms.

Car insurance coverage

Those services can add up to cost thousands of dollars, but motor vehicle insurance will typically help. You don’t have co-pays when seeking care after a crash. The standard health insurance policy carried in the United States passes on numerous expenses to the policyholder. Thankfully, those forms of patient responsibility typically do not apply to car insurance claims related to bodily injury.

You don’t have to worry about whether the professional treating you is in-network or not. You can also potentially qualify for reimbursement for services, like chiropractic care, that many basic health insurance policies don’t cover.

Of course, instead of upfront patient responsibilities, your care-related claims will be subject to a maximum amount based on the current policy limits for the driver who caused the crash. Their bodily injury liability coverage will also need to pay for lost wages if the injuries force you to take an extended leave of absence from your job.

Understanding what kind of support you will need after a collision causes a neck or back injury can help you get the appropriate amount of conversation.