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Traumatic amputation is a risk in truck and car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you think of limb loss, you may envision an industrial or farm worker getting an arm or leg caught in a piece of equipment. These activities can lead to accidental amputations, but such injuries also happen in other ways.

Transportation safety authorities say truck and car accidents are the top cause of traumatic amputations. Agricultural and work-related accidents are the second most common causes.

What should you know about traumatic amputations?

More than 20% of lower limb amputation patients must return to the hospital due to injury complications within 30 days of release. Unfortunately, this means accident victims accumulate even more costly medical bills for these catastrophic injuries.

More statistics of note:

  • Partial hand (with finger loss) is the most common form of amputation
  • Loss of an arm is the second most common form
  • Men have more risk than women of suffering a traumatic amputation
  • Those between 15 and 40 years have the most overall risk
  • About 70% of traumatic amputations affect the upper limbs
  • Ten percent of upper limb amputations involve the wrist and hand

The Johns Hopkins Medicine website says a multidisciplinary approach is necessary to promote healing, improve recovery and ensure rehabilitation. A statement like this suggests patients must undergo several medical procedures and engage in rehab and therapy to learn how to live with an amputation.

Why is this information important?

After any severe car crash injury, you want to ensure the compensation you obtain in your accident claim is sufficient to address all your harm. Understanding what is required to treat your injuries helps you avoid accepting an unfair settlement. Learning how Louisiana vehicle accident and injury laws might affect your accident claim is also wise.