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Worst Distracted Driving Accidents that Have Occurred So Far in 2018

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one, especially a child, to a distracted driving accident or any other type of wreck involving an automobile for that matter. Sadly, distracted driving accidents seem to be occurring on a day to day basis resulting in many families feeling broken and incapable of moving forward. Distracted driving accounts for “approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities” and that percentage will likely continue to increase if society doesn’t begin to take the necessary steps to combat the issue that continues to take the lives of individuals of all ages [Source: Teen Safe].

To help you understand just how serious the issue truly is, below we share some of the worst distracted driving accidents that have occurred so far this year. Keep in mind there have been thousands of other wrecks that have transpired on roadways across the U.S. that we are unable to take the time to recognize, but are aware have occurred.

  1. 22-Year-Old Woman in Kansas Dies in Distracted Driving Accident

On May 26th, 22-year-old Danielle Delgado Garcia of Kansas was heading to work when her trip was cut short. While driving, she was also sending a message via Snap Chat and rear-ended a semi that was making a right turn. After being picked up by an ambulance to be transported to a medical helicopter, she managed to speak with her mother, telling her “Mom, it hurts so bad Mom. My stomach hurt so bad.” Those wound up being Danielle Garcia’s last words to her mother as she did not survive the severe injuries she had sustained in the crash. Not only did Garcia leave behind a family that loved her, but also a son.

[Source: The Wichita Eagle].

  1. 5-Year-Old Ejected from Truck in CA

After the mother of a five-year-old became distracted by her cell phone while driving on the highway, she crashed into the center divider resulting in her truck rolling over several times. Her child, who was not properly restrained, flew out of his seat at the time of impact and had to be airlifted to a trauma center after suffering critical injuries.

[Source: Fox 8 Live].

  1. Minnesota Teacher and Her Daughter Killed in Collison Caused by Distracted Driver

On September 7th, Rachel Harberts, 43, her daughter, Emerson Harberts, 8, and her son Jaxon Harberts, 12, were involved in an accident with a driver who admitted his cellphone distracted him while he was driving which led to him rear-ending their vehicle. Emerson died at the scene of the accident while Jaxon suffered severe injuries. Rachel was placed on life support but later died after succumbing to her injuries.

[Source: Star Tribune].

  1. Driver of 18-Wheeler Slams into Two Vehicles Causing a Chain Reaction Collison

State Police in Louisiana believe distracted driving was to blame for a truck accident that occurred that left four individuals dead. The 18-wheeler, which was hauling avocados crashed into two cars which then sparked a chain reaction collision. 10 vehicles in total were involved in the wreck. The driver of the truck was killed, two others from Baton Rouge died at the scene, and another woman from Mandeville was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

[Source: 4WWL].

As you can see distracted driving accidents are occurring all across the U.S. and the truth is, they not only affect motorists but also bicyclists and even pedestrians. To help prevent any more accidents from occurring, we encourage you to avoid using your cell phone while driving and encourage others around you to do the same.

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