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What sort of photos can help after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Evidence is crucial to any car crash claim. You and your legal team will need to prove the extent of your injuries and that the other driver was negligent.

Louisiana still allows you to claim compensation even if you were mostly to blame, but the amount you can claim reduces according to the percentage at fault you were. So, the more blame you can attribute to the other driver, the better. This is where photos can help.

Document your injuries

The medical report that the doctors who attend to you after a crash provide will form the mainstay of evidence as to your injuries, but some self-snapped photos in the aftermath of the crash can help clarify that the injuries occurred in the crash and not elsewhere.

Detail matters

While you need general shots that give an overview of the crash, you also need close-ups of damage to the vehicles, tire marks on the road and the like. If insurers need to zoom in on shots taken from a distance, they may miss subtle details that indicate how the collision occurred.

Cover it from all angles

You only have to look at photos of incidents in sports matches to see that things can look different from different angles. A ball can look in from one point of view yet look out from another. Taking photos of a crash scene from different angles provides a more accurate picture of what occurred.

What if I can’t take any photos?

It’s possible you won’t be able to take photos due to your injuries or because your phone is smashed. In this case, a passenger or a friend who arrives on the scene may be able to help. Failing that, you may have to rely on any photos the police take, but getting your own is ideal, where possible. 

Don’t be tempted to self-edit, either. Take everything you have to someone with the necessary legal experience to determine what might and might not serve to help your compensation claim.