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Settling with insurers after a major crash can be a mistake

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes are all unique even though certain types of wrecks are more common than others. Factors including the speed and style of the vehicles involved and even the angle at which they approach each other can influence what happens when two or more vehicles collide.

Traffic laws in Louisiana impose limitations on the conduct of motorists in part to reduce the possibility of severe collisions. Despite traffic statutes governing conduct on the road and enforcement efforts by police officers, there are drivers who do very unsafe things on public roads.

Even the most cautious of drivers could end up injured and dealing with massive property damage losses after a crash caused by another driver. Receiving a settlement offer from an insurance company might seem like a stroke of good luck after the misfortune of a collision. However, a rapid settlement isn’t always the best outcome for those harmed by a recent collision.

Insurance companies want to reduce their losses

A major insurance claim after a crash could keep generating new costs for a company for months. The goal behind offering a settlement is usually not convenience for the claimant. Instead, the insurance company wants to limit its future liability.

Even the lowest insurance policies in Louisiana offer thousands of dollars in coverage. Insurance providers offering a settlement usually want to pay far less than the maximum policy limit. They offer the lowest amount that might seem reasonable given the circumstances. After someone signs settlement papers or cashes a settlement check, they usually do not have the option of seeking more compensation later even if they have thousands of dollars in additional expenses.

Those attempting to negotiate with an insurance company often need help. It can be difficult for someone without experience in such matters to estimate the true cost of their injuries. It can be even more difficult for someone to properly respond to the high-pressure tactics used by insurance providers during settlement negotiations.

In scenarios where even a payout that reaches the policy limits couldn’t cover someone’s losses, it may be necessary to take the matter to civil court. Brain injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries are among the car crash consequences that may force someone to consider taking legal action.

Recognizing that a settlement could be more of a setback than an advantage could help people navigate the aftermath of a Louisiana car crash to their advantage. To this end, seeking legal guidance is generally wise when assessing a settlement offer.