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Sometimes law firms think of their work as arguing cases and winning judgments. We may use that language too, but around here we are always mindful of one important thing: No matter how many millions in judgments we win, at the heart of every case is a real person, and that’s what it’s all about. Real people getting justice.

Below are just a few recent examples of real clients and their stories. (Names have been changed and settlements estimated for confidentiality.)

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John, Jane And Mary Brown’s Story

John Brown grew up in a small farm town in north Louisiana. His family was not well off, but they made do. They had each other. John went to high school, but he didn’t like it. He got into some trouble with the wrong people and eventually dropped out altogether. He worked odd jobs around town — on farms, at convenience stores, at car lots and at car washes. He was able to make a life for himself.

Jane Brown moved to Louisiana when she was in high school. She met a man that she thought would be her savior and married him at the age of 17. They had two children and after a few years, they divorced. Jane worked jobs around town trying to make ends meet to support her and her two children. Jane met another man and eventually had a child by him. Now she was raising three children on her own. She did the best that she could. She knew that she would have to return to school to get her GED if she ever wanted to get a good job. That was her plan and her intent.

John and Jane met through a friend. While their lives were very different, they seemed to hit it off. John was good to Jane. They were friends. They enjoyed spending time together, and John liked to spend time with Jane and her three children. After some time, Jane became pregnant with John’s child. They had a beautiful baby girl named Mary. She was like the glue that solidified their relationship. They were a family – John, Jane, Mary and the other three kids. They were happy. John was working at a car dealership as a porter. He would…read more>