The Real Story Behind Many Truck Accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving cars and trucks are devastating. A huge truck hitting a small car makes for a dangerous collision. But physical size and force are not the only ways that truck accidents are imbalanced.

Unjust Trends in Truck Accidents

Often, when there’s a truck accident involving a passenger car, trucking companies will try to take advantage of the accident victims who were in the car. Using their size and resources, they will either try to place full blame on the driver of the car(s) involved, or they will try to get the other driver(s) to settle for an unfair amount of compensation.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

It’s true that many truck wrecks can be caused by negligence among car drivers. Drivers need to commit to safer roadway habits and also spread awareness about how to interact with big trucks more responsibly on the road. However, what many motorists are never told – especially when facing the blame for an accident – is that trucking companies are also often at fault. According to FindLaw, trucking companies often impose demanding standards on drivers that cause unsafe practices regarding maintenance, cargo loading, driving habits, and driver wellbeing.

  • Maintenance!

Many truck wrecks can be prevented with proper and regular maintenance. Because of scheduling and delivery demands, often drivers are not easily able to keep up with truck maintenance standards, especially regarding brakes. Well-maintained brakes are particularly vital, given that over 80,000 lbs might be riding on them!

  • Cargo Loading

According to GTG Technology Group, improper cargo loading can be catastrophic. The higher cargo is stacked, the more drag on the truck. By stacking cargo lower and spreading it evenly throughout the trailer space, trucks are able to stay more more nimble and and respond more quickly to road patterns. But if companies encourage unsafe cargo loads, trucks are more likely to be involved in accidents.

  • Reduced speed on curves

For truckers, sometimes even following posted speed limits means driving too fast. Trucks have a tendency to tip over if they take the curves too fast. However, sometimes trucking companies demand a delivery quota that encourages speeding!

  • Truck Driver Wellbeing

A big part of truck driver safety has less to do with the actual vehicle, and more to do with the driver’s health. Driver wellbeing means getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, and taking quality personal time so that drivers are more alert and can decrease the chances of accidents caused by fatigue. But again, demanding schedules and requirements by trucking companies might tempt drivers to push themselves beyond what is safe.

How to Fight Back Against Injustice in Truck Accidents

If you’re involved in a truck wreck in the Bastrop, LA area, remember that truck companies won’t usually default to justice for you and the other motorists involved. You might be face accusation for total fault in the accident, or you might be asked to settle for far less than you deserve. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in truck and car accidents! Downs Law Firm can help you understand the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to under law and how to fight successfully for your case! Call 318-284-8551 or contact us online to get started.