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Not enough drivers avoid the 4 deadly D’s behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are countless potential risks on the road. Anything from freak weather occurrences to mechanical failure could result in a car crash. However, most of the time, the causes of crashes are far more ordinary and predictable.

Quite a few of the motor vehicle collisions that result in severe injuries or fatalities involve one of the four dangerous D’s. That means that with safe driving habits, the crash would have been preventable.

Driving and drugged driving are notorious but still common

Driving while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and mind-altering prescription or over-the-counter medication is an, unfortunately, common cause of crashes.

Despite widespread public awareness of the risks involved in both drunk driving and drugged driving, many people still think is that they have the skill to drive safely while under the influence.

Distracted driving is also a well-known risk

People driving with mobile phones can easily put others at risk. Of course, distraction doesn’t just include mobile devices. Distraction can also result from adjusting your clothing, eating and drinking while driving, having a conversation with a passenger, or even looking at something outside the vehicle. Internal distraction, such as daydreaming or rehashing your day at work, can also contribute to collision risks.

Did you know that if you get behind the wheel without having had a good night’s sleep, you might be as dangerous as a drunk driver? The longer you’ve gone without sleep, the worse your cognitive function and ability to drive become.

People who drive while drowsy could potentially fall asleep at the wheel which is a major risk. They also have a harder time focusing and may have longer reaction times, both factors that can contribute to increased crash risk.

Simply avoiding these four dangerous behaviors won’t be enough to keep you safe on the road. Watching for other drivers who display signs of fatigue, distraction or impaired driving can help you avoid crashes. In the event that you can’t avoid a crash, recognizing the warning signs of dangerous driving may make it easier for you to advocate for yourself at the scene of the crash and later if you need compensation.