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How to pick the best motorcycle helmet for your money

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, having a good helmet could be a life-or-death matter. You can’t prevent all crashes because many of them are the fault of drivers in bigger vehicles.

All you can do is try to limit the injuries you might suffer if someone turns right in front of you or merges into a lane that you occupy. Having good gear to protect yourself from road rash is important, but a helmet could literally save your life. How do you pick a helmet that will work the best for you?

Look at what style you most enjoy

You don’t want putting your helmet on to be a chore or to make you feel embarrassed when you go in public. Picking a helmet that fits with your personality and with the style of bike that you ride is important.

When you like your helmet, you’re more likely to wear it every time you go out. While aesthetics have very little to do with how well the helmet functions, knowing whether you want an open face, full face or half-shell helmet before you go shopping will help you create a shortlist of viable candidates.

Make sure it has certification from the Department of Transportation

Not all motorcycle helmets are created equal. Some of them will not hold up to the damage caused by a crash. Finding one certified by the Department of Transportation ensures it will meet minimum safety standards. There is also a European Union certification standard. Certified helmets have passed safety tests for durability and how much protection they offer.

Make sure the helmet fits properly

A motorcycle helmet that is a size too big isn’t going to adequately protect you. You want to buy a helmet that fits comfortably and snugly. Expect that you may need to adjust your ears to make wearing the helmet comfortable and that it will sit firmly in place. You want little wiggle to occur when you move your head.

When in doubt, there is never any harm in asking someone who works at a motorcycle shop for assistance in selecting the safest and best-fitting helmet available. Investing in a good helmet can possibly save your life if you do wind up getting into a motorcycle crash.