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How wind can lead to commercial truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unexpected gusts of wind can be dangerous for both truck drivers and any unfortunate motorists or pedestrians that happen to be in the vicinity. 

When wind speeds above 40 mph have the potential to overturn trucks and cause damage to life and property. Part of the driver’s job is to be prepared for a variety of weather situations, including high wind speeds. 

What can truckers do to mitigate the risks of driving in the wind?

According to the Mid-America Transportation Center published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there are several steps truckers should take to lower the risk of danger to themselves and others on the road in high winds: 

  • Check the weather report: Truckers should know what weather is waiting for them down the road. This allows for deciding the appropriate action instead of getting caught by surprise.
  • Alternative routes: If extreme weather is forecasted, drivers should find an alternative route to avoid putting themselves and the traveling public in danger.
  • Lightly loaded or empty trailer: If a truck is running light and the roads are slippery, then chances for an accident caused by high winds are possible. Drivers should be aware of their weight and factor in wind pressure applied on the trailer.
  • High loads: Drivers should take into account that a load that is taller than normal is more prone to rollover. Sometimes to load the truck with the maximum amount of cargo, the center of gravity is raised with the load height.

A wind-induced accident with a big truck can cause big damage, injuries, and/or death. If you have suffered injuries and losses because of an 18-wheeler accident, find out more about what it takes to hold the trucking company accountable.