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2 shoulder injuries to fear in a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Do you take your shoulders for granted? We don’t think much about shoulders in our day-to-day lives. However, you would certainly notice if a traumatic injury affected one of yours.

Shoulder injuries occur commonly in motor vehicle accidents, but most people discount their severity. Unfortunately, this means that victims risk paying out-of-pocket for medical care that should have been covered in their accident settlement.

Type III or greater shoulder separation

Separated shoulder injuries are graded type I through type IV. In mild cases (types I and II), the shoulder heals well with rest and minimal medical care. Type III injuries typically require no surgical intervention but can take months to heal.

Shoulder separations graded at IV, V and IV usually require surgery to repair the damage. Patients often need specialized treatment to avoid dangerous complications.

Severe scapula (shoulder blade) fractures

These flat triangular bones are vulnerable to fractures in high-energy vehicle accidents. Many scapulae fractures heal relatively well, but when the fracture involves more than one part of the shoulder, the injury is much more severe.

When the shoulder blade breaks in more than one spot, victims may need surgical intervention, such as realigning bones or inserting metal plates to hold the bones together.

Serious injuries cost serious money

Anytime accident injuries require surgery or long-term therapies, expect your medical costs to double, triple or even quadruple. To avoid economic hardships, you must ensure your accident claim addresses the full scope of your harm.

Do not skip seeing a doctor after your accident. An early assessment helps you identify and account for all injuries in your Louisiana accident and injury claim. Legal guidance can improve your odds of maximizing your compensation.