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How Can You Avoid Road Rage and Stay Calm Behind the Wheel?

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

At the end of the day, driving is about getting from point A to point B. If motorists merely had to focus on reaching their destination, there would be fewer collisions all over the country. As soon as they have to factor in the unpredictable maneuvers of others, though, not to mention slick roads, poor weather conditions, heavy traffic, and vehicle malfunctions, it becomes obvious why driving is such a stressful activity. Regardless, there is never a valid reason for aggressive driving or road rage.

In general, aggressive driving refers to acts like running red lights, speeding, and cutting off vehicles. Road rage, on the other hand, refers to violent altercations between motorists.

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Read on to learn how you can avoid road rage and stay calm when behind the wheel:

  1. Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

According to WebMD, sleep deprivation can make individuals more prone to road rage, especially if they already have angry or violent tendencies. A lack of sleep can cause irritability, which makes it easier to lose control of your emotions and lash out at those around you.

  1. Set out Early

If someone cuts you off when running late for an important meeting, it is going to be a lot more upsetting than if you hit a few minutes of congestion with half an hour to spare. Always try to leave the house earlier than necessary so you have plenty of travel time, regardless of any unanticipated issues that might arise. 

  1. Play Soothing Music

Cruising down the road with the bass blaring might have been fun when you were a teenager, but it is only going to increase your blood pressure as an adult. If the sounds of traffic stress you out, play some mellow, soothing music instead. On longer trips, you can also try listening to a favorite podcast or audiobook.

  1. Just Breathe 

It may be a simple reminder, but it’s an important one. As soon as you feel your grip tighten on the steering wheel or your chest tense up, take a deep breath and fix your posture. This will allow your entire body to loosen up, and it is going to have an immediate effect on your overall mood.

Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the above tips, you could still come across another motorist who is not nearly as self-aware or conscientious as you are. According to the American Automobile Association, almost 80 percent of drivers admit to expressing anger or aggression behind the wheel at least once in a 12-month period.

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