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Wet Pavement, Fog May Have Contributed to Rear-End Collision between Car and School Bus

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the Shreveport Times, poor road conditions and reduced visibility may have contributed to an early morning collision between a car and a school bus. The crash happened at around 6:45 a.m. on a Wednesday earlier this month.

A school bus was transporting three students on Highway 3 in north Bossier Parish near Abe Martin Road when another vehicle rear-ended it. Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene.

They determined that Bossier Parish Schools Bus #414 was traveling south on Highway 3 and had decelerated to pick up more children when the crash occurred. Fortunately, everyone on the bus was okay. Another bus transported the students who had been riding it to Benton Middle and High Schools.

The other motorist involved in the accident sustained minor injuries. Police claim that when the crash occurred, the weather was overcast with mist and fog, and the pavement was wet.

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How Can You Reduce the Risk of a Collision When Driving in Foggy Conditions? 

Louisiana winters may be relatively mild, but the cooler weather still poses certain risks for motorists. For example, heavy fog is common in the early mornings, and driving in it can be just as dangerous as driving in snow because of reduced visibility. You can reduce the risk of a collision when driving on misty mornings by:

  • Turning off the high beam lights;
  • Slowing down;
  • Increasing stopping distance;
  • Tracking the lane markers; and
  • Pulling into a parking lot until the fog clears.

Turn off the High Beam Lights 

When visibility is low, your first instinct may be to turn on the high beams; however, bright light can actually reflect off the fog back toward the vehicle, reducing visibility even more. Instead, use your low beams or fog lights when driving through mist.

Slow down and Increase Stopping Distance

When visibility is poor, you have much less time to respond to hazards that arise. Thus, it is essential to slow down and increase the stopping distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you.

Track the Lane Markers

Drifting is common in thick fog. Glance down at the right lane marker frequently to ensure you are not drifting to the left or the right.

Pull into a Parking Lot

If the fog is so dense that you cannot see more than a few feet in front of you, it’s best to pull over until it clears; however, you should not simply pull to the side of the road because approaching cars may be unable to see you. If at all possible, find a driveway, parking lot, or rest area to wait out the mist.

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