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Getting Justice After Your Rear-End Collision

Injuries from a rear-end automobile collision can be mild, serious or catastrophic. In any situation, however, it’s very important to get prompt medical attention as well as reliable legal advice as soon as possible—even if your symptoms at first seem mild. It is very common for occupants of vehicles struck from behind to experience sore necks or headaches shortly after the collision only to later discover that their injuries are more serious.

It’s also important to not accept a quick settlement offer from an insurance company before knowing what your prognosis really is. It can be difficult to get back to a normal way of life after a rear-end collision, but an experienced attorney can help. Get an attorney for rear end collisions on your side as soon as you can after any serious car accident.

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Step One: A Thorough Investigation

After your rear-end car accident, we will simultaneously investigate the following:

  • The circumstances of the accident: How did the crash occur? In most rear-end accidents, the driver of the car behind the other one is at fault. However, extenuating circumstances, such as when there is a multicar accident, may mean there is a need for a more intensive accident reconstruction effort and investigation.
  • Medical treatment, recovery and prognosis: What do tests such as X-rays or CT scans show? What do clinical evaluations demonstrate? What types of care and therapy will be necessary? Will the injured person need to stay in a rehabilitation facility or another type of long-term care facility?
  • Financial losses: Will the injured person have to miss work for an extended period? Will immediate family members need to pay for services that the injured person previously contributed to the family?

At the Downs Law Firm, you can count on our team to work hard to develop an effective claim or lawsuit on your behalf.  If you or your loved one suffered rear end collision injuries such as back, neck or brain injury because another driver struck your car from behind at a stop sign or traffic signal, our Monroe & Bastrop attorneys for rear end collisions are ready to fight for you. We will represent you diligently in negotiations, mediation and litigation. We will stand up to any insurance company or any legal opponent to protect your right to compensation.

We Can Answer Your Questions

When you’re involved in a rear-end collision that results in serious injury, you’re bound to have a number of questions. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions we receive from clients who have been injured in a rear-end accident. If you have questions about your situation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced attorneys at 318-284-8551 for help.

What Is A Rear-End Collision?

Rear end collisions occur when a vehicle strikes the vehicle in front of it from the rear. These accidents are typically caused by distracted driving, following too closely or inattentiveness. Usually, the person who makes contact from the rear is at fault in these types of accidents. If you have been in a rear-end collision, please call Downs Law Firm immediately.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of A Rear End Collision In Louisiana?

Most rear end collisions occur because of tailgating or following too closely. By simply giving the car in front of you plenty of space, you are protecting yourself, and other drivers on the road.

Who Is Usually At Fault In A Rear-End Collision?

Typically, the trail car is at fault in most rear-end collisions. If you are giving enough space to the vehicle in front of you, you should be able to slow and stop before impacting a car in front of you, even if they brake hard. If you have been in a rear-end collision please contact Downs Law Firm immediately.

What Happens To Your Body In A Rear End Collision?

In a rear-end collision, your body often experiences a “whiplash” motion resulting in extreme acceleration and deceleration. The human body is not built to sustain the forces often experienced in these accidents. This whiplash motion puts extreme stress and strain on your brain, head, neck, back and shoulders. If you have been in a rear-end collision or experienced a whiplash injury please contact Downs Law Firm immediately.

What Are 4 Things You Can Do To Avoid A Rear-End Collision?

To try and avoid rear end collisions you can:

  1. Always make sure your tail lights are functioning properly
  2. Brake early and try to avoid sudden stops
  3. Keep a proper lookout and distance between you and the car in front of you
  4. Always pay attention to the road and anticipate the person in front of you stopping suddenly

What Are Common Injuries From Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end collisions can cause serious injuries because of the forces a rear impact has on your body. Rear-end collisions often cause “whiplash,” which can cause serious and permanent injuries. Often your head will be jolted backward, then forwards which can cause your brain to shift in your skull causing diffuse axonal brain shear injury. This may also result in drivers hitting their head on the steering wheel or windshield, which may cause brain or head injuries. Rear-end collisions may also cause serious back and neck injuries to your C-spine, L- spine or T- spine. Typical injuries from rear-end collisions can be herniated or bulging discs, fractures, ligament injuries and other serious injuries.

What To Do When Rear Ended?

If you’ve been involved in a rear end accident you should,

  1. Immediately report the accident to 911 and ask for an ambulance.
  2. Allow medical personnel to treat you and tell them everything that is hurting.
  3. If you are injured, go by ambulance to your nearest hospital for further treatment.

Do I Need A Lawyer After A Rear-End Collision?

After being in a rear-end collision you should hire Downs Law Firm. We have decades of experience representing clients who have suffered rear end collision injuries. The injuries sustained from rear-end accidents can often not be easily identified and often show up days or weeks after an accident. It is important to be seen by a doctor immediately after being in a rear-end collision to diagnose your injuries. If you have been in an accident, please call Downs Law Firm today.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Rear-Ended At A Stoplight In Louisiana?

If you’ve been rear-ended at a stoplight the first thing you should do is call 911 to report the accident. Anytime you are in an accident you should always report the accident and call an ambulance. If you are seriously injured, you should be taken to an emergency room immediately. If your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, you should be sure to give a statement to officers and medical personnel on the scene describing in detail what happened as well as what your injuries are. You should also take multiple pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicles involved, and pictures of the roadway. If you’ve been rear-ended at a stoplight, please call Downs Law Firm to get the representation you need for your case.

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