Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

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Protecting Injury Victims From Big Insurance Companies

If you want lawyers that will stay with you from the start to the end of your personal injury case — lawyers who won’t back down from a fight against the big insurance companies — the experienced personal injury lawyers of Downs Law Firm in Monroe are your best option. Since 1993, we have fought for our clients’ rights to recover and maximize the compensation they need and deserve. We have done this for past clients. We will do the same thing for you.

Our team understands the extreme challenges an injury victim faces in the aftermath of an accident. We have a passion for helping people recover after a catastrophic accident. After you or a loved one survive a big accident that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for your bills. We want the same thing as you do: justice. From our office in Monroe, we help clients throughout northeast Louisiana, as well as Arkansas and Mississippi.

We Are Not Afraid Of Fighting For What Is Right

An injury from an accident can seriously affect your capacity to make a living. Your injuries could even lead to an inability to work. That is not fair, and you should be compensated for that, too. Luckily, you have a legal right to recover financial compensation for your losses, including past and future needs, which will help you move forward in life.

At our law firm, we represent people dealing with the consequences of big commercial accidents, including those involving:

  • Motor vehicle crashes involving business-owned cars like medical transport vans, 18-wheelers, delivery trucks and emergency vehicles
  • Accidents at hotels, nursing homes, restaurants and retail shops caused by the owners’ or managers’ negligence

There are two things in common that big companies have: large insurance policies and experienced lawyers and representatives who will try to decrease your compensation. They could even try to blame you for the accident. We won’t let them get the results they want. You have us in your corner.

Put Your Case In Good And Caring Hands

Downs Law Firm has experience in complex cases involving severe injuries that impact the brain and neck and back, as well as other injuries that require lengthy and costly medical treatment. Our goal is for you to focus on your recovery while we negotiate or litigate or your behalf to get what you deserve.

Talking about your accident with our attorneys has no cost. Contact our Monroe office at 318-284-8551 or send us a message online. We’re your home town, home team lawyers. Helping you recover is what we do.