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What to Do If Your Injury Was on a Commercial or Business Property

Injuries that occur on a commercial property or that involve commercial vehicles have many complex factors that other injury cases do not. If you want lawyers who understand the ins and outs of commercial accidents and will stay with you from your case’s start to finish, you can turn to Downs Law Firm.

Since 1993, we have fought for our clients’ rights to recover the compensation they need and deserve. Our team understands the extreme challenges an injury victim faces in the aftermath of a commercial accident. From our offices in Monroe and Bastrop, we help clients throughout northeast Louisiana, as well as Arkansas and Mississippi. We have maximized past clients’ financial recovers and we will do the same thing for you.

Tackling All Varieties Of Commercial Accident Cases

Commercial premises liability claims are very challenging, but our commercial and business property injury attorneys are passionate about handling these challenges for our clients. Our goal is for you to focus on your recovery while we negotiate or litigate on your behalf to get what you deserve.

At Downs Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers represent people in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Anyone injured while on the premises of a commercial building
  • Workers who suffered an injury while working at a commercial building or property
  • Workers injured while driving a commercial company vehicle
  • Private drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists injured by someone driving a commercial vehicle

We help people cope with the consequences of big commercial accidents such as:

  • Motor vehicle crashes involving medical transport vans, semi trucks, delivery trucks and emergency vehicles
  • Accidents at hotels, retail stores, nursing homes and other businesses
  • Workplace injuries for commercial employers
  • Oil rig workplace accidents and offshore burn injuries
  • Construction site workplace accidents

There are two things in common that big companies have: large insurance policies and experienced lawyers and representatives who will try to decrease your compensation. They could even try to blame you for the accident. We won’t let them get the results they want. You have us in your corner.

Injured On Commercial Or Business Property? Turn To An Experienced Attorney

Downs Law Firm has experience in complex cases involving severe injuries that occur on commercial premises or while working for a commercial employer.

Talking about your accident with our attorneys has no cost. Contact our Monroe or Bastrop office at 318-284-8551 or send us a message online today.